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Stylists & Professionals

Stylists & Professionals
We work with many professionals/organizations through our various projects. Below are some of the professionals/organizations we work with.

Runway Coach, Antwain Hill
Designer, Jeffrey Woodruff, Cognition Menswear
Designer, Fruwah Boma, Sera Vero Nik
Designer, Ola Raphael, Ola Raphael Designs
Designer, Leighel Desiree, Ascension Fashion Group
Photographer, Tag the Shooter
Organization, Washington DC Fashion Week

Organization, Crystal Couture Fashion Week
Organization, Indie Fashion Week
Media Council Magazine
Organization, Stephanie White Events
Brand, Krooluhv Clothing Company
Brand, CHRRY Co.
Modeling School, Stampede School of Modeling
Digital Marketing, [K+] DIGITAL
Organization, Taste of the Runway: Washington DC
Designer, Antoine Fleeton, Antoine Fleeton Menswear

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